Terms and Conditions

❕ This page is an automatic translation from Spanish. 

1. Parties

On the one hand, STATE OF THE ART TRADING, S.L. (hereinafter “the Holder”) is a Spanish company, with CIF B95878054 and with registered office at C / María Díaz de Haro 68-T4, 48920 Portugalete, Bizkaia, owner of the platform https://whereisthedinosaur.com (en forward, the Website), and of another, the Buyer, understood as any Registered User or not as provided in the Terms of Use, of legal age and with legal capacity and to act as necessary, to complete the steps established therein. to the acquisition of clothing, accessories and / or accessories offered by the Website.

2. Object

The purpose of these General Purchase Conditions is to regulate the acquisition by you as User of the product and their respective packs through the Website, in exchange for an economic consideration that corresponds with what is provided herein.

3. Products

3.1. Product Offer

The Website offers information about the product and packs for sale, features and prices. However, it reserves the right to withdraw, replace or change the products offered to its customers through its website, by changing the content thereof. The products offered at any time by the Web, will be governed by the general conditions in force in each case, that is why the company will have the power to stop offering, without prior notice and at any time, access to the aforementioned products.

3.2. Availability

Product availability may vary based on customer demand. Our stock is updated periodically, but this does not allow us to guarantee that the product you select is not sold out. If so, we will send you an e-mail in which we will inform you about the impossibility of compliance.

4. Purchase process

The purchase process is simple and can be done through our website.

To purchase through the Website, any Registered User or not must navigate through the product catalog of the Website and add those packs that are of interest to the shopping cart, specifying the number of units.

Once this is done, the Registered User must:


  1. Click on the shopping cart and click on “Finish purchase”. If the User wishes to modify the order, he may do so, adding or deleting products.

  2. At this point, the User will be asked to review the information shown on the screen and add all the necessary data and select the chosen payment method. Currently, the means of payment available are the following:

  3. Debit or credit card: payments with Mastercard and Visa cards are accepted. In this case we will need you to provide us with information regarding your card for the sole purpose of processing the payment.

  4. Bank transfer

  5. Once this has been done, the User must, after reviewing his order and according to the selected payment method, proceed to the payment and, with this, confirm his willingness to acquire and formalize the purchase, upon acceptance of these Conditions.

  6. The Holder will confirm that they have received your will to acquire the product and, if applicable, will also confirm the payment. In your case, it will send you the corresponding invoice by email. With the acceptance of these General Conditions of Purchase, it is understood that you have consented to the sending of an electronic invoice. At any time you can object to it by writing it to hello@whereisthedinosaur.com.

  7. In case of making a transfer, the reference of the order should be sent as a payment reference, as well as the receipt or screenshot to hello@whereisthedinosaur.com. The order will not be sent until the full amount has been received in the account.

  8. We will deliver the order to you at the address you provide through a courier company. In normal season, the estimated delivery time is 72 business hours from the confirmation of purchase. If you place an order after 17:00, it will not be processed until the next (working) day.

    5. Pricing policy

    The prices that are shown on the Web are set by the Owner. The prices are shown in Euros. Before purchasing any of the selected products we will show you the prices broken down according to the taxable base and the applicable taxes at each moment.

    It is possible that the Website includes promotions and / or discount codes. Such circumstances will appear reflected on the screen, as well as the possible conditions applicable in your case. Any modification of the same is subject to the will of the Holder.

    6. Acceptance of the General Conditions of Purchase

    When the purchase is made entirely through the Web, you must read these Conditions and accept them expressly, by clicking on the check box of the corresponding consent, which is unchecked by default, at the end of the purchase process.

    In case there are special rules or restrictions that affect certain rates, discounts and / or products you have selected, such rules or special restrictions will be shown on the screen before proceeding to the acquisition of the product.

    7. Withdrawal, changes and refunds

    The Holder offers the Buyer the possibility to withdraw from his purchase, for any reason, within fourteen calendar days following that in which he had received the last of the products subject to the order. In case the product is damaged or defective due to the Holder’s responsibility at the moment in which the Buyer receives the same, the return does not entail any cost.

    To cancel, you must notify it to hello@whereisthedinosaur.com. Here we provide you with a model, with the addresses you can go to:

    Form of withdrawal form (You only have to fill out and send this form if you wish to withdraw from the contract) For the attention of STATE OF THE ART TRADING, SL, Maria Diaz de Haro 68-T4, 48920 Portugalete, Bizkaia, with email address hello@whereisthedinosaur.com: I hereby inform you that I am withdrawing from my contract of sale of the following good [define product], received on [insert date of receipt of order]. Name and surnames: ______________________________ Address: ______________________________________ Date: __ / __ / ____ Signature:

    You can return the products by the method that you choose, having to assume the costs that arise from it (except in cases in which the product is damaged or defective at the moment in which the Buyer receives the same), sending the order to STATE OF THE ART TRADING, SL, C / María Díaz de Haro 68-T4, 48920 Portugalete, Bizkaia.

    In the event that the item you purchased has been found defective, we will proceed, as appropriate, to repair, replace, reduce and / or resolve in accordance with the legal guarantee.

    Within fourteen (14) days after the Buyer has communicated its intention to desist, it must return the products whose sale it desists by depositing the product in the post office, duly packaged and with all the original packaging and packaging.

    Since the Holder has received confirmation that the Buyer has returned the product (s) from which it has withdrawn or has received them, whichever occurs first, the Holder shall return the Buyer to the Buyer. amounts that I would have paid, by the same means used for the purchase.

    The goods must be returned in identical conditions to those in which they were delivered, with all their containers and wrappings.

    8. Obligations of the parties

    8.1. Obligations of the Holder:

    Under these Conditions, the Owner undertakes to:


    1. Put our best efforts in the execution of the necessary procedures so that you receive the order.

    2. We will provide you with all the necessary documentation to receive the order

    3. We will comply with any other obligations cragraph ->

      The modification of these Conditions will only affect the Buyers that accept them after the modification.

      13. General issues

      13.1. Safeguard and interpretation of these Conditions

      The present Conditions, the Particular Conditions accepted in each moment and any other conditions applicable to the Buyer constitute a unique agreement between the Buyer and the Holder.

      In case of contradiction between the provisions of these Conditions and any other conditions subscribed between the parties, the terms and conditions of these Conditions will prevail over what is foreseen in them, unless the stipulations included in them expressly establish otherwise.

      The fact that any of the parties, due to impossibility or convenience, does not require strict compliance with any of the terms of these Conditions at any given time, does not imply nor can it be interpreted as a total or partial modification of the same, nor as a waiver on your part to demand compliance in strict terms, in the future.

      The declaration of nullity of any or some of the Stipulations of these Conditions by competent authority will not prejudice the validity of the rest. In this case, the contracting parties undertake to negotiate a new stipulation in substitution of the annulled one with the greater possible identity with it. If the replacement becomes impossible and the Stipulation is essential for these Conditions, in the opinion of the party harmed by its elimination, it may opt for the resolution of the Conditions.

      Any reference made in these Conditions to an article or regulatory body that is repealed shall be understood as made to the equivalent provision that replaces it.

      13.2. Language

      The language applicable to these Conditions is Spanish. If versions of these have been offered in other languages, it has been courtesy, for the convenience of the Buyer. He expressly accepts that they will always be governed by the Spanish version.

      If there is any contradiction between what the Spanish version of these General Purchase Conditions says and what one of your translations says, in any case the Spanish version will prevail.

      13.3. Legislation and jurisdiction

      The relations between the Holder and the Buyer arising as a consequence of the acceptance of these Conditions will be governed by the Spanish legislation and jurisdiction.

      For the resolution of the discussions or conflicts between the Holder and the Buyer that has the consideration of consumer and user in accordance with the applicable regulations in the matter, both will be submitted, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond, to the Courts and Courts of the Purchaser’s domicile.

      In the event that the Buyer does not have the consideration of consumer and user in accordance with the applicable regulations, the parties will submit, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, unless by law a different jurisdiction is determined imperatively, the Courts and Tribunals of Bilbao.