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Taig Mac Carthy is a serial entrepreneur, writer, and musician born in 1990 in the Basque Country. He created his first successful startup at age 23, a service for young people to get their driver’s license in an affordable and fast way in the city of Granada (Andalusia) during the summer holidays. During that period, he also created a Non-profit with the goal of sharing the artistic talent of kids with disabilities in the city of San Sebastian.

While studying in university, Taig created a startup that in three years became the fastest growing winery of the century thanks to the wave of media coverage. This startup-winery is the creator of the most innovative and disruptive wines, of which Taig and his co-founders have sold more than 3 million bottles across 17 countries. The company got acquired in early 2019, allowing Taig to focus on new startup projects.

Among his ventures, Taig also created the Hola Plate, a patented non-invasive weight management aid that helps people control their weight by absorbing the grease in their food.

Taig is also the writer of two business-related books: The Walrus Method (2016), and more recently Where Is The Dinosaur? (2019), covering tricks and methods to create, scale and run businesses by hacking resources. He is also mentioned by the writers of The Blue Ocean Strategy as a case study.

where is the dinosaur?
Where is the dinosaur? book review