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Think like an entrepreneur. Write like a journalist. Launch like a boss.

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The News-Worth Canvas

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The canvas is aΒ tool to systematically create newsworthy stories that people care about and end up inΒ the news channel. This tool resembles a painter’s canvas β€” preformatted with seven modules β€” which allows you to paint pictures of new or existing newsworthy stories.

I created this tool to help me and my teams build newsworthy products. Furthermore, this tool has become a shared language that will allow you to easily describe and understand why a story becomes newsworthy. In other words, the News-Worth Canvas is a tool to create stories and also to understand why other stories are newsworthy in a very visual and easy-to-understand way.

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where is the dinosaur book media coverage


News-Worth Canvas

The main idea behind News-Worth Dynamics is that all stories need to have something to make them newsworthy. Not all information is newsworthy. Stories need to supply certain elements of interest to qualify as news. These elements of interest form the Seven Traits of News-Worth.

With that in mind, we created a handy tool that we call the News-Worth Canvas: a visual template for describing, analyzing, and creating viral marketing.

where is the dinosaur book media coverage


News Builder

The News Builder leverages what journalists call the Five 5Ws of Journalism so you can emulate the process that journalists follow in their minds when writing news articles.

With the News Builder, you will craft a press release simply by arranging the elements from the canvas into the Five 5Ws and then into amazing headings.



You might love them or hate them, but the truth is that Donald Trump or Elon Musk have mastered the use of free media coverage and grew massively fueled by viral marketing.

Learn how to implement the knowledge contained in this book through 7 examples built on major success cases in the media landscape. We have translated them into the language of the News-Worth Canvas to make the concepts comparable, easy to understand, and applicable.

Fresh, actionable, and honest. This book is a clever dissection of what makes stories and brands newsworthy and how innovators can turn that into a repeatable formula for success.

Simon Saval, Entrepreneur and Investor

It actually makes it easy to brand your company as a newsworthy story. I’ve rarely done anything by the book – but this was one of the rare instances where going by the book lead to instant success and landed us in one of the largest press outlets.

Ahmed S. Malik, Serial entrepreneurΒ 


Marketing is the price you pay for being unremarkable

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Don’t learn this the hard way…

Most entrepreneurs and innovators with great ideas fail, in many casesΒ because they don’t understand media dynamics. They don’t know what really drives people’s interest.

We have cracked the code. Getting media coverage is not an art; it’s a science. And for the first time, you can learn the science behind achieving viral marketing media coverage.

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Learn from the masters

Discover how to use free media coverage like Elon Musk or Donald Trump, understand news-worth dynamics and use them as a source of inspiration for your own viral marketing.

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elon musk dinosaur

The Elonsaurus

Understand how Elon Musk managed to sell millions of dollars worth of hats and flamethrowers, as well as creating the fastest growing car company of the century, with a zero marketing policy. How did he do it – and how can you apply the same strategy?

blaze StayUncle founder

The Blazesaurus

Learn how the founder of the Indian startup StayUncle achieved rapidΒ organic growth by challenging the status quo and creating newsworthy stories that got covered in media outlets from all over the world.

donald trump dinosaur

The Trumpsaurus

Did you know that Donald Trump had the smallest marketing budget? And yet, he was the candidate with the strongest media presence in the elections, what ultimately made him the 45th President of the United States.Β How did he do that? He has a very well defined method.