Beware of media scams!

There is a common scam regarding media coverage. It may have happened to you: a so-called “journalist” calls you, interested in publishing a story about you or your project, but it turns out that the “production cost” is $4,000. Please don’t pay for that. Those people are trying to lure you under false pretenses leveraging the charm of media coverage.

The reason I call it a scam is because, no matter how much you pay, and even if you get published, it will be worthless and useless. If the story is not actually newsworthy, people won’t read it nor talk about it. On the other hand, if you happen to create a newsworthy story, there is no need to pay such amounts of money.

Beware of this kind of scams. The only right way of getting media coverage is by providing elements of news-worth that actually make your project interesting to the audience of the media.

Have you ever received one of these scam calls?

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